TM denies blocking gaming servers

Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM) has denied it is blocking several gaming servers such as EA, Ubisoft and Playstation Network (PSN) as claimed by some Malaysian Internet users, mainly gamers.

After a thorough investigation, the company found that the problems not only affecting Unifi users, but also gamers on other networks in Malaysia and around the world, thus the difficulties faced were not related to TM’s network.

“We wish to clarify that TM does not block gaming servers as we fully understand that in the current digital lifestyle, video games and e-sports play a big part for a lot of people, including us,” TM said in a statement on Tuesday (Feb 18).

TM continues to ensure the best gaming experience for online gamers with the widest connectivity and convergence network infrastructure, backed by multiple direct peering connections, 12 data centres, 20 submarine cables spanning the globe, over 560,000 km fibre optic cables domestically and internationally.

Source : Bernama