If the Philippines banned waste imports, why is it still the world’s dumping ground?

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Fish farms turn to AI, recirculating systems to scale up sustainable aquaculture

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Aldi revamps plastic bag plans in bid to encourage re-use

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Food and beverage industry: no plans to totally discard plastic

In December 2019, Mondelēz trialled 100 per cent recyclable paper packaging in one of its products. The global food company said it is made of paper material that does... Read more »

Karachi’s green buses to be powered by dung

Dung from cattle could help run the 213 buses of the Karachi Breeze Red Line, one of the five bus rapid transit (BRT) lines that Pakistan’s most populous cities... Read more »

World risks ‘disaster’ as reuse of natural resources declines

Children extract copper from discarded computer parts in New Delhi, India. New report shows the world is using up more raw materials, while recycling less and urges greater efforts... Read more »

Xiamen leads the way in tackling ocean trash

Tug boat going across the ocean in Xiamen, China. The city is using cameras to help recover marine plastics and identify major sources, but much work remains. In the port... Read more »

In Philippines’ bid to abandon plastic, incentives are needed, experts say

In February this year, hundreds of volunteers participated in a coastal cleanup of Manila Bay, where 45.59 tonnes of garbage were collected.  The waste sector in the Philippines has... Read more »

Are waste-to-energy plants bad investments in the Philippines?

The Payatas Landfill is the only waste disposal facility in Quezon City, Philippines. The city is one of the country’s biggest waste generators, producing an average of 2,800 metric... Read more »

SDG 7: How Novozymes enzymes help turn waste into sustainable fuel

Novozymes researcher looking at fungi samples The Danish chemicals expert thinks its enzymes could help break down barriers to sustainable biofuels The fast-rising uptake of electric cars around the world... Read more »