Climate fund for poor nations vows to drive green Covid recovery

Typhoon Haiyan, the most devastating storm ever to make landfall in all of history, left buildings, homes, and businesses in Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines wiped out in its aftermath.... Read more »

Chinese firms struggle to fund renewables projects overseas

Solar farm in China. The mainland’s renewable energy projects are booming domestically, but are lagging abroad, particularly in countries covered by the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Difficulty in... Read more »

Advancecon ventures into solar renewable energy sector

Advancecon Holdings Bhd is venturing into the solar renewable energy field via its unit Advancecon Solar Sdn Bhd (Advancecon Solar). In a statement Feb 18, the earthworks and civil... Read more »

Europe fails to keep up on solar power

The Francis Crick Institute, a biomedical research centre in London, has solar panels installed in its roof, apart from its combined heat and power plant that provides low-carbon onsite... Read more »

Qatar signs US$470 mil solar deal with Total, Marubeni

Gas-rich Qatar signed a US$470-million deal on Sunday to build its first solar energy plant, capable of meeting up to one-tenth of peak national power demand. The Al-Kharsaah plant,... Read more »

Are waste-to-energy plants bad investments in the Philippines?

The Payatas Landfill is the only waste disposal facility in Quezon City, Philippines. The city is one of the country’s biggest waste generators, producing an average of 2,800 metric... Read more »

The top 1% income earners are mostly responsible for climate change, but not the 1% you are thinking of

Visitors watch factory workers assemble solar power panels at the Suntech Power Holdings plant in Wuxi City, China. Leaders need to push their businesses to buy renewable energy, as... Read more »

OCBC is Southeast Asia’s first bank to rule out funding new coal power plants

Local communities in Celukan Bawang in Northern Bali rally with Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior ship, in opposition to the coal plant commissioned in the area in 2015. Singapore’s OCBC Bank... Read more »

Will Malaysia become Southeast Asia’s clean energy leader?

Rooftop solar panels in a traditional house in Sabah, Malaysia. Clean energy technologies such as solar and wind are essential for nations to move away from high-polluting sources of... Read more »