Vietnam’s new conservation plan prioritises trees and people, but not emissions

Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex in northern Vietnam. The forest ecosystems services programme is the first national plan that puts a price on carbon and funnels those dollars specifically... Read more »

If the Philippines banned waste imports, why is it still the world’s dumping ground?

Environmentalists renew their plea for the government to ratify the Basel Ban Convention, an international law banning the export of hazardous wastes from developed to developing countries, and to... Read more »

India’s tree planting, conservation push sparks land conflicts

International Atomic Energy Agency officials during a tree planting ceremony at the Tamil Nadu State in India. India’s conservation drive aimed at reducing carbon emissions puts poor villagers and... Read more »

Old batteries can be source of new energy

Electric vehicle in a charging station in Malaysia. Driving an electric-powered vehicle (EV) rather than one reliant on fossil fuels is a key way to tackle climate change and... Read more »

Green transport set to overtake cars in world’s major cities by 2030

Bikers in the Hongkou district of Shanghai, China. Many authorities are looking to discourage private car journeys, while a boom in bike-sharing schemes and electric-powered small vehicles are giving... Read more »

From coal to renewables in China: solving the water stress-power plant mismatch

Seawater in an island in Zhuhai, Guangdong province in China is being desalinated using waste heat from diesel generators to produce fresh water. How can one of the world’s... Read more »


While a majority of CEOs express strong confidence in the effectiveness of their current information technology (IT) systems, most are struggling to achieve levels of innovation that drive growth... Read more »

Xiamen leads the way in tackling ocean trash

Tug boat going across the ocean in Xiamen, China. The city is using cameras to help recover marine plastics and identify major sources, but much work remains. In the port... Read more »

Biodiversity and our brains: how ecology and mental health go together in our cities

Otters in Singapore. Neuroscience can support urban planners in allowing for more flexibility and authenticity of nature in urban areas. Biodiverse nature is particularly beneficial for mental well-being. There... Read more »

‘The Bitcoin Man’ Joins KarusChain as Lead Investor and Adviser

Blockchain technology platform for the precious metals mining industry, Karuschain, announced that Herbert R. Sim—known as ‘The Bitcoin Man’—will join its team as an investor and adviser. This news... Read more »