Vietnam’s new conservation plan prioritises trees and people, but not emissions

Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex in northern Vietnam. The forest ecosystems services programme is the first national plan that puts a price on carbon and funnels those dollars specifically... Read more »

Green transport set to overtake cars in world’s major cities by 2030

Bikers in the Hongkou district of Shanghai, China. Many authorities are looking to discourage private car journeys, while a boom in bike-sharing schemes and electric-powered small vehicles are giving... Read more »

Food and beverage industry: no plans to totally discard plastic

In December 2019, Mondelēz trialled 100 per cent recyclable paper packaging in one of its products. The global food company said it is made of paper material that does... Read more »

Companies trying to do good face stiff competition—from each other

A man is able to lead a normal life, using a prosthetic arm from Vietnamese social enterprise Vulcan Augmetics. The company makes affordable prosthetics to help amputees in poorer... Read more »

24 hours for more sustainable todays and tomorrows

A store selling nothing but snacks in Japan. The GLF event will focus on how changes in consumption patterns can make a difference, through choices in nutrition, fashion, transportation,... Read more »

Eversendai gets three jobs in Qatar, Abu Dhabi

Eversendai Corp has secured three construction projects with a total value of RM196 million, comprising structural steel works for two high-rise building projects in Qatar and a museum project... Read more »

Speaking Up At Work Can Be Intimidating, But These 3 Women Share Job Experiences Where They Wish They’d Said Something Sooner

These days, it seems harder than ever to get paid fairly or obtain that promotion you deserve when nearly half of American men don’t believe the pay gap is real,... Read more »