Expand conserved areas to boost global economy ravaged by Covid-19, says report

Green rice terraces amid a rainforest in Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia. As Covid-19 wreaks havoc on the world’s people and the global economy, a group of international researchers is looking... Read more »

India’s rural poor may lose out as drones map village land

Indian women and children bundle grain stalks after harvest. A nationwide programme to map residential land in rural India using drones may marginalise lower-caste communities and women. A government plan... Read more »

Hotels used to house Singapore’s migrant workers as Covid-19 cases continue to surge

Singapore’s manpower ministry has implemented safe distancing at migrant worker dormitories in the bid to control the spread of Covid-19.  The country’s migrant workers, most of whom are low-wage,... Read more »

Climate stress and coronavirus gang up on world’s vulnerable

Poor woman farmer with protective mask in North Vietnam. As risks converge in a complex world, the resilience of small-scale farmers and families living in poverty is being tested... Read more »

Schools for girls can help to answer climate crisis

School girls in Tamil Nadu, India. Educating both halves of humankind seems a no-brainer. Schools for girls could transform climate protection—and so much else. If you really want to tackle... Read more »

India’s tree planting, conservation push sparks land conflicts

International Atomic Energy Agency officials during a tree planting ceremony at the Tamil Nadu State in India. India’s conservation drive aimed at reducing carbon emissions puts poor villagers and... Read more »

Will blood be shed over water? A new early warning tool predicts water-related conflict a year in advance

Residents fight over water in Dhasaprakash, a neighbourhood in Chennai. Tensions rise when people start shouting as some try to push their way forward, or take more than the... Read more »

Strengthening health systems to end deadly epidemics

A child sleeps under a mosquito net in South Sudan. The World Health Organization estimates that the number of deaths from malaria has fallen by 60 per cent since... Read more »

Local communities are not just climate victims

A woman from the small farming community in Nepal’s Rupandehi District. “Poor and vulnerable” is a common refrain in climate change stories. It’s a phrase used with good reason,... Read more »

Warnings over new law to protect workers in Thai fishing industry

Fishing boats at a harbour in Chonburi, Thailand. A London-based rights group said poor regulation of Thailand’s fishing industry has led to the collapse of Thai fish stocks. Forced... Read more »