Food and beverage industry: no plans to totally discard plastic

In December 2019, Mondelēz trialled 100 per cent recyclable paper packaging in one of its products. The global food company said it is made of paper material that does... Read more »

Dam that threatens orangutan habitat is ‘wholly unnecessary’, say conservationists

Only in Northern Sumatra, Indonesia will orangutans be found in their natural habitat. A report commissioned by a group campaigning against the Batang Toru dam in Indonesia says the... Read more »

Karachi’s green buses to be powered by dung

Dung from cattle could help run the 213 buses of the Karachi Breeze Red Line, one of the five bus rapid transit (BRT) lines that Pakistan’s most populous cities... Read more »

Self-driving cars will not fix our transportation woes

An autonomous shuttle service in Vincennes Woods, in Paris, fills the gaps in commuter transportation.  Autonomous cars, left to their own devices, will likely do more harm than good,... Read more »

Are waste-to-energy plants bad investments in the Philippines?

The Payatas Landfill is the only waste disposal facility in Quezon City, Philippines. The city is one of the country’s biggest waste generators, producing an average of 2,800 metric... Read more »

OCBC is Southeast Asia’s first bank to rule out funding new coal power plants

Local communities in Celukan Bawang in Northern Bali rally with Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior ship, in opposition to the coal plant commissioned in the area in 2015. Singapore’s OCBC Bank... Read more »