Climate fund for poor nations vows to drive green Covid recovery

Typhoon Haiyan, the most devastating storm ever to make landfall in all of history, left buildings, homes, and businesses in Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines wiped out in its aftermath.... Read more »

As fog clears on benefits of forest protection, excuses for failure wear thin

An aerial view of forest and fields in Indonesia. Global efforts to stop the destruction of tropical forests have faltered so far largely because poor understanding of the value... Read more »

Food and beverage industry: no plans to totally discard plastic

In December 2019, Mondelēz trialled 100 per cent recyclable paper packaging in one of its products. The global food company said it is made of paper material that does... Read more »

2020 marks a turning point for nature’s role in climate solutions

Mangrove restorations have been conducted since the 1950s by local communities in southern China. Global biodiversity talks in China this year will highlight nature-based solutions that could meet one-third... Read more »

With LNG, the shipping industry could reach its decarbonisation target—but wreck the climate, study finds

The maritime sector has seen a surge of interest in LNG as a shipping fuel as climate concerns and tougher regulations push the industry to tackle its giant carbon... Read more »

Why Asia, and the rest of the world, need low-carbon steel

Automotive and construction make up about two-thirds of steel demand. If the steel sector were a country, it would be the world’s fifth-biggest emitter after China, the United States,... Read more »

A vegan meat revolution is coming to global fast food chains – and it could help save the planet

Meat-free substitutes such as the Impossible Burger patty, which tastes close to the original meat burger, have entered the fast food market and are changing the game of what... Read more »

Tall and old or dense and young: Which kind of forest is better for the climate?

Deforestation of a rainforest in Indonesia. Researchers are calling on the industry to help buffer climate change by doubling tree harvest rotations to 80 years, and urge government agencies... Read more »

Restoring forests rules out growing crops

Deforestation in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa Restoring forests is helpful, but planting crops to do so is not. Only one of these options soaks up enough atmospheric carbon.... Read more »