India’s rural poor may lose out as drones map village land

Indian women and children bundle grain stalks after harvest. A nationwide programme to map residential land in rural India using drones may marginalise lower-caste communities and women. A government plan... Read more »

Bursting at the seams: Can a reverse supply chain save the world from fashion waste?

The Garment-to-Garment system is a mini production line that recycles post-consumer garments into clean and wearable clothes in a standard 40-foot container. Image: The Hong Kong Research Institute of... Read more »

How the coronavirus pandemic is changing people and our planet

A woman with her baby at a bus stop in Delhi. Women in developing countries are being hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic. The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting everything... Read more »

Hotels used to house Singapore’s migrant workers as Covid-19 cases continue to surge

Singapore’s manpower ministry has implemented safe distancing at migrant worker dormitories in the bid to control the spread of Covid-19.  The country’s migrant workers, most of whom are low-wage,... Read more »

Chinese firms struggle to fund renewables projects overseas

Solar farm in China. The mainland’s renewable energy projects are booming domestically, but are lagging abroad, particularly in countries covered by the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Difficulty in... Read more »

Coronavirus thumps palm oil demand

Workers loading oil palm fruit off a truck in Sabah, Malaysia. Palm oil estate and milling operations have been halted in six districts of Sabah, the country’s largest palm... Read more »

Coronavirus-induced oil price plunge is hurting the circular economy for plastic

Aveda products on sale in Singapore. The haircare brand claims to be a pioneer in post-consumer recycled packaging. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the price of recycled... Read more »

Climate stress and coronavirus gang up on world’s vulnerable

Poor woman farmer with protective mask in North Vietnam. As risks converge in a complex world, the resilience of small-scale farmers and families living in poverty is being tested... Read more »

Tiger sighting on Sumatran highway causes a stir, but is no surprise

Sumatra’s remaining forests are home to highly threatened animals found nowhere else, like the critically endangered Sumatran tiger. A picture of a tiger near an under-construction highway in Sumatra’s... Read more »

Vietnam’s new conservation plan prioritises trees and people, but not emissions

Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex in northern Vietnam. The forest ecosystems services programme is the first national plan that puts a price on carbon and funnels those dollars specifically... Read more »