Bella: The cat who makes ‘artwork’ with tissue paper

Bella is a regal, 10-year-old who loves to make ‘artwork’ with shredded tissue paper.

Present Bella with a wad of tissue-paper and the “artist” in her promptly sets to work, painstakingly shredding every little bit to smithereens.

So earnest is she with her “craft”, that after a particularly long session of shredding, tearing, pulling and biting, she is totally spent and will promptly fall asleep alongside her handiwork.

One who appreciates life in all its forms, Bella refuses to hunt. So if she spies a cockroach or lizard out of the corner of her eye, she will “make don’t know” and look the other way. After all, she is a grand old lady, being 10 years old and having only two teeth left.

Sleeping seems to be Bella’s favourite pastime.

Bella is very attached to her “dad” Mohd Khairi Mohd Junos, whose bedroom she sleeps in every night. And should the door be closed, she’ll meow loudly until she’s let in.

An intuitive kitty, Bella somehow knows when Khairi is feeling down and will stay by his side to comfort him. She also feels secure around him and often gently “kneads” him with her paws while purring loudly.

If he doesn’t reciprocate with a caress, Bella will reach her paw out and gently tap his hand until he does. When she’s filled her quota of caresses for the day, she will saunter away, ready to retire for the night.

A grey-black beauty with a luscious coat, Bella looks calm and composed at all times.

A finicky eater, Bella only dines on Blackwood’s wet food and nothing else, thank you very much! No dry food for her or steamed chicken, fish or beef.

A cool cat most of the time, the only thing that makes her jump in fright is the sound of the angry vacuum cleaner. When that monster comes out to play, Bella splits the scene until the commotion dies down and all’s clear for her to reemerge.

Bella loves to lounge around the house when she isn’t hiding away from the vacuum cleaner.

Source: FMT Lifestyle