Leadership brands is a reputation for developing exceptional managers with a distinct set of talents that are uniquely geared to fulfill customers’ and investors’ expectations. A company with a leadership brand inspires faith that employees and managers will consistently make good on the firm’s promises.

As leadership brand is also embedded in the organization’s culture, through its policies and its requirements for employees, therefore a product’s brand connects a company’s output and reputation with customers’ needs and investors’ hopes.

The Leadership Post Magazine is a business-to-business magazine for the professionals in the leadership and brand building business including the marketing and media, sustainability, wellness, financial, and property industries. It is delivered to approximately 3 000 people in senior positions in corporate marketing, CEOs, advertising agencies, media owners, government and business school academics.

At The Leadership Post Magazine, we aspire to bring you breaking contents and provoking thoughts sharing with the readers throughout the vast industries. It is the only magazine that seeks to marry a business approach to leadership building to brand-building with the creative execution that is a critical factor in the communication of a brand. We are a new kind of magazine for Malaysia and Asia Pacific and a new global brand scenario. Our team is young – four of our five core members are 30 years or under. We provide a fresh, invigorating perspective on the business of leadership and branding; we are optimistic and focused on the emergent market. The Leadership Post is also able to showcase, promote and provide intellectual resources for leadership-brand-building in SMEs and government.