3 best cities in China to feast this Chinese New Year

Eat your heart out this Chinese New Year with an exquisite and authentic feast.

The day has finally come! Out with the Boar and in with the Rat!

If you happen to be in China right now, or any Chinese community for that matter, the day is filled with the colour red and feelings of joy, as families gather to welcome the new year.

And what better way to bring the family even closer than to sit down and feast together?

So which cities in China are the best to indulge your gastronomical desires?


1. Shanghai

Springy Dao Ting noodles are an exclusively Shanghai treat. (Samantha Yeo pic)

Considered to be China’s most metropolitan city, it is easy for visitors to get lost in the city’s weaving alleys and impressive museums and galleries.

To get a taste of the city, head over to The Middle House, a prestigious hotel where you may dine at Sui Tang Li, a must-visit for any food lover.

Cooked in aged rice wine, the Preserved Crab makes for an exquisite meal. (Samantha Yeo pic)

Featuring authentic Chinese cuisine with modern twists, the restaurant offers guests an auspicious 8 or 10 course set menus for families.

Feast on Dao Ting Noodle and Shrimp Roll in Hairy Crab Sauce or the even more decadent Preserved Crab cooked in a decades-old rice wine which comes served with Pan-Fried Hokkaido Scallop.

Give the Steamed Baby Chicken with Abalone, Dried Scallop and Mushroom a try as well.


2. Chengdu

The Mixun Spicy Hot Pot is guaranteed to sear your tongue. (Samantha Yeo pic)

Capital of Sichuan province, Chengdu is Unesco’s first ever City of Gastronomy and is home to giant pandas, lively nightlife and traditional opera shows.

Head over to the Mixun Teahouse at The Temple House for a refined vegan hotpot experience, an ode to Chengdu’s beloved hotpot culture.

Fancy a healthy meal this Chinese New Year in the form of the Lily, Pumpkin and Rice Pot? (Samantha Yeo pic)

Indulge in the Mixun Vegetarian Hot Pot Set for Two, that includes nine ingredients, two sauces and a soup base of their choice.

Diners with a taste for stronger flavours should ask for the Mixun Spicy Hot Pot base, or the sweeter Lily, Pumpkin and Rice base, and enjoy Black Truffle and Pu’er soup with either.


3. Hong Kong

The Kumquat Marinated Kingfish is as delicious as it is pretty. (Samantha Yeo pic)

The “City of Life”, Hong Kong is a beautiful and modern city with strong culinary traditions.

Celebrate Chinese New Year by dining on a 40course dinner at the grand Café Gray Deluxe at The Upper House.

Begin the meal with the Kumquat Marinated Kingfish with Cucumber and Rice Crackers before moving onto the main course of Wagyu Beef Cheek with Dong Gwai Bouillon, Lotus Seeds and Wolfberries.

Drink to good fortune this year with either ‘Fortune’ (left) or ‘Firecracker’. (Samantha Yeo pic)

The Café Gray Bar will also usher in the new year with two original cocktails in a festive red and gold colour, aptly named “Firecracker” and “Fortune”.

The former surprises the taste buds with a popping candy garnish and it is made with homemade beer syrup, bursting with floral and malty notes.

“Fortune” on the other hand is a vodka martini of Vin jaune that has a distinctive citrus aroma.

With so many culinary options to welcome the Year of the Rat, one will almost certainly be lost for choice!

Source : FMT Lifestyle